Charity Work

Pallotta has always supported its moral upbringings on giving back to the community. We have affliations with many local companies in the City of Vaughan. We value the importance of a supportive and team-focussed culture which will help us businesses strive to achieve and creates place where people want to work.  way Bringing everyone together through the common ‘feel-good’ factor of charity activity is Pallotta a value we strongly hold. Even if only a few members of staff are involved in a fundraising initiative, it can still be used to unite people together.  We have always encouraged our colleagues to support their cause. Pallotta will continue to choose to make corporate donations yearly to the people of their home in Ontario, Canada

Pallotta believes our work with donations allow us to take active interests in our own communities and can also lead to a boost in employee morale. The Pallotta workplace culture has always been a positive & inclusive group to succeed.


Pallotta has been involved with Safe Haven in Vaughan. Currently we are in the works for more charitable opportunities.